The Kickass Client Kickstarter Pack
Are you ready to amplify your client offerings?
Are you looking for additional income streams?
Are you wanting to give your clients additional nutrition support, through clear no-BS information and amazing easy-to-use guides?
Then the Client Kickstarter Pack is the perfect starting point for you!
* Payment Plan Option Available. Additional Fees Apply *
The Client Kickstarter Pack is your first best step when welcoming new clients or up-levelling your next Package, Program or Challenge. Imagine being a full-service trainer. This is now made easy with the Client Kickstarter Pack. All the content without any of the effort!
What you get!
This pack includes three AMAZING Guides full of NEXT LEVEL content created by the Limitless Nutritionist and Challenge Queen herself, Skye Hanley.  
  •  111 Smoothies & Juices Guide – Run your own Smoothie Detoxes or offer as a standalone product for additional revenue
  •  111 Wholefood Recipe Book – This BAD BOY is not only full of easy and fast recipe options, but it is balanced to be used as a BUILD YOUR OWN ADVENTURE MEAL PLAN! WOW! 
  •  Welcome Manual – Including Nutrition Information, Health Tracking, Gratitude Diary, and more….
Did we mention these are totally 
“If you do what you’ve always done, 
you’ll get what you’ve always gotten."
– Tony Robbins
Why you NEED the Client Kickstarter Pack!
Are you looking for a pack that is super versatile and allows you to offer your clients a range of options? The Client Kickstarter Pack can be used as part of a Welcome Pack, as stand-alone sellable guides, to run a smoothie detox challenge (fun), AND the Amazing Wholefood Recipe Book is totally balanced and ready to use as a Meal Plan!
Let us take care of the details so you can focus on what you do best!
* Payment Plan Option Available. Additional Fees Apply *
How will the CLIENT KICKSTARTER Pack help you grow your business?
The Client Kickstarter Pack can be utilised in so many ways to grow your business. 
Some of these include: 
  • Run Impactful Challenges with all the content ready to go
  •  Generate added income with multiple ways to package your Guides 
  •  Welcome new members with the most up-to-date info in the nutrition world 
  •  And Stand Out and Be Seen as an expert by providing more than just exercise. The full package service! Hell Yeah.
It's completely up to you!
Still not sure how the Client Kickstarter Pack can benefit you and your clients? 
Here are just a few of the great benefits of the Client Kickstarter Pack. 
You and Your Business
  • ​Completely Done-For-You Pack 
  •  Branded as your own as if you created it yourself
  •  Earn a reputation as an expert in your field
  •  HUGE return on investment. Pay ONCE and use this pack for the rest of your business life
  •  Create additional income streams with minimal effort; Smoothie Guide stand-alone product, build your own meal plan, Wholefood Recipe Book for added inspiration and more… 
  •  Hit your clients from multiple lifestyle angles for greater ongoing success
  •  Build interest and hype around your growing business
  •  Have options to keep clients interested all year round
Your Clients
  • ​Truly holistic approach to their goals and them as individuals
  •  Learn how to balance their own best days and food
  •  Intuitive Eating – because let’s face it, we don’t all feel like eating the same foods everyday
  •  Expert mentoring using the Welcome Manual: clients stay inspired, on track while up-levelling their lives
  •  Concise information that is easy to follow and even easier to implement
  •  Plus, a greater emphasis on celebrating their wins and gratitudes
  •  Life is for feeling AMAZING and CELEBRATING. Success promotes motivation and in turn – more SUCCESS!
* Payment Plan Option Available. Additional Fees Apply *
Examples of the amazing content included in our Client Kickstarter Pack!
Plus Claim Your FREE Bonus
Gain access to our exclusive VIP Community the 'Fit Pro Nutrition & Lifestyle Support Hub'. Created to support the success of your brand and filled with training videos on how best to implement your pack. You will receive the VIP treatment. This supportive community is an ongoing platform with direct access to the Limitless Nutritionist and Challenge Queen herself, Skye Hanley.
You never have to feel alone in your business again!
Don't just take our word for how amazing this will be for you & your business!
"Skye is so passionate & real! Her knowledge in health, fitness and wellness is top notch! Skye goes above & beyond for her clients, creating the most beautiful, delicious and professional packages. I highly recommend Skye to Personal Trainers and anyone in the fitness industry, she is one of a kind! Thank you for your ongoing assistance Skye, I truly appreciate it xo"
Tamie Ora Buchanan
So, are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Your totally DONE-FOR-YOU Package that is BRANDED AS YOUR OWN includes:
  • 111 Smoothie and Juice Guide
  • ​111 Wholefood Recipe Book
  • ​Welcome Manual
  • ​Plus, Exclusive and Ongoing VIP Support
* Payment Plan Option Available. Additional Fees Apply *
Skye Hanley - The Limitless Nutritionist
Managing Director & Accredited Holistic Nutritionist, Limitless Health Co.
Skye Hanley is The Limitless Nutritionist and Challenge Queen; international author of numerous books and highly sought-after speaker with an overwhelming passion to create long lasting sustainable change in people's lives.
Skye is an expert in the field of holistic health and nutrition, having touched the lives of countless individuals through her time as an in-clinic Nutritionist and Exercise Specialist. With years of experience delivering results with her clients, Skye has carved out a niche as a multimodality health professional, setting her apart from her industry peers.
Her broad scope of experience and training makes Skye uniquely qualified to speak on a variety of topics including nutrition, exercise, stress, disease, weight loss and what it truly takes to live a holistic life.
Skye now spends most of her time travelling the country, working closely with health professionals creating their signature programs and helping then grow their business through the power of impactful content and unwavering self-belief.

Skye is a self-proclaimed Badass and uses her infectious nature to ignite a Badass mindset in all those she speaks to.
What Are You Waiting For?
Get Your Client Kickstarter Pack Now for Just $697, and watch as your business skyrockets!
* Payment Plan Option Available. Additional Fees Apply *